The Author

Guillermo Fesser is a Spanish television and radio journalist known in his country for his humorous but compassionate news reporting, and especially for his innovative Madrid-based national morning radio talk show, Gomaespuma, which ran for 25 years and had over 1 million listeners. Fesser studied journalism at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid and filmmaking at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, via a Fulbright scholarship

Fesser, together with his brother, film director Javier Fesser, wrote the screenplays The Miracle of P. Tinto, La Gran Aventura de Mortadelo y Filemon and Cándida.  Cándida, a feature film Guillermo directed, is based on his bestselling biography about his cleaning lady.  He has written for many Spanish newspapers including El Pais and El Mundo, edited and hosted several news programs for Spain’s TVE and produced a puppet TV series for Spain’s Tele5, based on the advice of puppeteer Kermit Love, the creator of Big Bird.

With his former radio partner, Juan Luis Cano, Fesser runs the nonprofit Gomaespuma Foundation, which is dedicated to facilitating access to education for children in Nicaragua and Sri Lanka. To raise funds, Fesser and Cano host many cultural festivals such as Comedia Pa Tos (a standup comedy show), Magia Pa Tos (an event with magicians) and Flamenco Pa Tos (“flamenco for all”), which has toured Spain, and internationally to China, Algeria and Nicaragua.

Fesser recently entered the world of children’s literature, apps and educational theater with his two new characters, Anizeto Calzeta, an old-fashioned detective, and his helper, Ruedas (“Wheely”), a sparky 11-year-old with a clever wit that also  excels at basketball from her wheelchair.

Fesser lives with his family in Rhinebeck, New York, where he broadcasts weekly stories on life in small-town America to Onda Cero Radio in Spain and blogs for The Huffington Post.



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